Patricia Kleinman

Musicologist.Patricia Kleinman is founder and director of the initiative Proyecto CompositorAs, an organization dedicated to the recuperation of unpublished works by women composers, as well as its performance arm, the vocal sextet “Proyecto CompositorAs”.  She is a member of the Spanish Society of Musicology, where she forms part of the commissions “Studies in gender of Women and Music” and “Music and American Studies”.  She is also a member of the Society of Theory and Musical Analysis.  She has conducted the modern day premieres as well as realized first editions of works by Pauline Viardot-García for Hildegard Publishing and ClarNan; of Soledad Bengoechea with EDIT.UM as well as world premiere recordings of Pauline Viardot (CD “The Unknown Pauline Viardot, Cezanne Productions, 2021) and Soledad de Bengoechea (2018). Other women composers she has  brought to light with both performances and editions include Johanna Kinkel, María Rodrigo, Paulina Cabrero and Adela Anaya.  Her work includes  world premieres of contemporary women composers, such as Marisa Manchado, Sonia MegÍas, Beatriz Arzamendi and Ana Silva.